Zinc for athletes

Zinc for athletes

Did you know zinc is essential for athletes? Learn about which nutrients & minerals contribute to the best athletic performance.
Zinc, taste and smell

Can zinc deficiency cause a loss of taste and smell?

Causes for a loss of smell and taste includes age, medications, smoking, cold, flu & infections. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of this.
Zinc and sleep

Can zinc impact your sleep quality?

Zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6 and melatonin can all improve your sleep quality, reduce tiredness and help you stay asleep.
Zinc and diabetes

Fighting diabetes with the power of zinc

Zinc can lower fasting glucose levels, blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol, prevent type 2 diabetes and improve insulin resistance.
Zinc and PMS

Find PMS relief with zinc

Zinc deficiency makes PMS worse, while healthy zinc levels balance hormones. Zinc reduces period pain, irritability, mood swings, and acne.
How much zinc is too much?

How much zinc is too much?

Zinc is vital to our overall health, but is it possible to take too much? Find out everything you need to know about healthy zinc intake.
Eye health

Eye health: Foods and nutrients to improve eyesight

Zinc can reduce the risk of dry eyes, cataracts, age-related mascular degeneration, and poor night vision. Support your eye health naturally.
Zinc and Men's Health

The link between zinc, testosterone and men’s health

Low zinc levels can lead to low testosterone, decreased fertility and risk of prostate cancer and enlargement. Zinc can improve men's health.
Zinc and hair loss

Why zinc deficiency can cause hair loss

Hair loss is often caused by stress, hormone changes, and genetics. Strong, healthy hair requires nutrients like zinc, biotin and more.
Zinc and liver

Zinc’s role in fighting liver disease

Zinc can help support liver functions and decrease the risk for liver diseases, like cirrhosis, fatty liver and alcholic liver disease.