Conquering chronic fatigue with zinc

Zinc is vital for energy production, making it an important element for avoiding conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Zinc for Allergy Relief

Can zinc alleviate your allergy symptoms?

Did you know that zinc can be helpful for allergies? Preventing pesky allergy symptoms starts with supporting your immune system.
Zinc helps children grow

Zinc: It’s helping your children grow

Concerned about your child’s growth and development? A zinc-rich diet can support the immune, reproductive and cognitive system.
Zinc, taste and smell

Can zinc deficiency cause a loss of taste and smell?

Causes for a loss of smell and taste includes age, medications, smoking, cold, flu & infections. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of this.
How much zinc is too much?

How much zinc is too much?

Zinc is vital to our overall health, but is it possible to take too much? Find out everything you need to know about healthy zinc intake.
Zinc and Immunity

How does zinc impact the immune system?

This important ‘trace’ mineral, plays a mighty role in critical processes in the body - from immune system function and wound healing.