zinc and respiratory infections

Zinc and respiratory infections

Did you know that a zinc deficiency is responsible for 16% of all deep respiratory infections worldwide? Learn how zinc plays a role.
Gastrointestinal tract

Zinc and GI conditions

While there is currently no cure for GI conditions, there are treatments that can help ease symptoms and support the gut. Zinc is one of them!
The relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful antioxidant duo, zinc and vitamin C, can help support immune health, heart health, wound healing, and more!
pregnant individual

Zinc for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Zinc plays a key role during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It not only helps you and your baby stay healthy but also aids in fetal growth!
bones and joints

All about zinc and rheumatoid arthritis: A sore subject

Zinc plays a key role in immune system health and keeping your bones and joints healthy. Having ideal levels of zinc will make you less prone to rheumatoid arthritis.
Zinc and the common cold

Can zinc help my cold?

On a yearly average, adults have 2-3 colds and school children up to 12 times. Discover how zinc can help you recover from the common cold.
Zinc and Immunity

How does zinc impact the immune system?

This important ‘trace’ mineral, plays a mighty role in critical processes in the body - from immune system function and wound healing.