Gastrointestinal tract

Zinc and GI conditions

While there is currently no cure for GI conditions, there are treatments that can help ease symptoms and support the gut. Zinc is one of them!
The relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful antioxidant duo, zinc and vitamin C, can help support immune health, heart health, wound healing, and more!
zinc for heart health

Zinc: Your heart’s protector against cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease doesn't happen overnight. There are some things you can do to protect your heart, starting with getting enough zinc.
a tractor in an agricultural farm

Does food give you enough zinc?

Did you know that eating zinc-rich foods alone may not be enough to reach your daily required dose of zinc? Learn why this is the case.
a hand with a cut

Zinc and wound repair

Zinc is a versatile mineral that’s involved in many different processes, including keeping our skin nourished and aiding in wound repair.
pregnant individual

Zinc for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Zinc plays a key role during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It not only helps you and your baby stay healthy but also aids in fetal growth!
bones and joints

All about zinc and rheumatoid arthritis: A sore subject

Zinc plays a key role in immune system health and keeping your bones and joints healthy. Having ideal levels of zinc will make you less prone to rheumatoid arthritis.
The link between zinc and magnesium

The link between zinc and magnesium

Our bodies need many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to work together for optimal health. One of the most crucial links is between zinc and magnesium.
Easing migraines & headaches: The zinc link

Easing migraines & headaches: The zinc link

Have you been experiencing frequent headaches and migraines? Increasing your zinc intake may be the solution for you!
plant growing

Plant-based dietary sources of zinc

Plant-based diets are quickly gaining popularity for many reasons. But are there enough plant-based zinc sources to maintain adequate levels?