Zinc: The natural way to balance Candida

Learn more about how to balance your gut microbiome and the importance of zinc supplementation in the battle against Candida overgrowth.

All about zinc and kidney stones

Your kidneys are the frontrunners in detoxing the body and keeping toxins at a low. Learn how zinc plays a role in your kidney health.
zinc for eating disorders

Zinc for eating disorders

Eating disorders can be difficult to handle, but you're not alone. Learn how zinc can help with your recovery.
Zinc and stomach ulcers

Using zinc for faster recovery from stomach ulcers

Experiencing stomach ulcers comes with symptoms that can be uncomfortable and painful. Learn how zinc can help you recover.
zinc for bad breath

Bad breath? Skip the mints and try zinc

No one enjoys having bad breath. Luckily, there are some natural ways to improve your oral health and zinc is one of them!
Zinc and iron deficiency

Zinc and iron deficiency

Zinc and iron each play a significant role in regulating the other’s homeostasis in the body. Read on to learn more about this connection.
zinc and respiratory infections

Zinc and respiratory infections

Did you know that a zinc deficiency is responsible for 16% of all deep respiratory infections worldwide? Learn how zinc plays a role.
Can zinc boost memory and learning abilities?

Can zinc boost memory and learning abilities?

Zinc plays a role in learning, memory and cognitive function. Adequate zinc levels can prevent memory loss, brain fog, and dementia.
Zinc and diet

How to get enough zinc in your diet

As per Health Canada, the RDA is 11mg/day for men and 8mg/day for women. The best food sources of zinc are meats, eggs and seafood.
Zinc and the common cold

Can zinc help my cold?

On a yearly average, adults have 2-3 colds and school children up to 12 times. Discover how zinc can help you recover from the common cold.