healthy cells

Zinc for healthy cell function

Zinc supports our bodies in a variety of ways, including the function of our cells. Read on to learn more about how zinc supports our cells.
Gastrointestinal tract

Zinc and GI conditions

While there is currently no cure for GI conditions, there are treatments that can help ease symptoms and support the gut. Zinc is one of them!
The relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful relationship between zinc and vitamin C

The powerful antioxidant duo, zinc and vitamin C, can help support immune health, heart health, wound healing, and more!
zinc for heart health

Zinc: Your heart’s protector against cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease doesn't happen overnight. There are some things you can do to protect your heart, starting with getting enough zinc.
a hand with a cut

Zinc and wound repair

Zinc is a versatile mineral that’s involved in many different processes, including keeping our skin nourished and aiding in wound repair.
Zinc for athletes

Zinc for athletes

Did you know zinc is essential for athletes? Learn about which nutrients & minerals contribute to the best athletic performance.
Zinc and DNA

Can zinc provide protection from DNA damage?

Zinc plays a vital role in maintaining cellular health by protecting against DNA damage, oxidative stress and inflammation.