zinc and collagen

The link between zinc and collagen

Zinc has vast health impacts, especially for collagen production. Read on to learn how zinc and collagen work together within the body.

Zinc: The natural way to balance Candida

Learn more about how to balance your gut microbiome and the importance of zinc supplementation in the battle against Candida overgrowth.

All about zinc and kidney stones

Your kidneys are the frontrunners in detoxing the body and keeping toxins at a low. Learn how zinc plays a role in your kidney health.
Zinc and PMS

Find PMS relief with zinc

Zinc deficiency makes PMS worse, while healthy zinc levels balance hormones. Zinc reduces period pain, irritability, mood swings, and acne.
How much zinc is too much?

How much zinc is too much?

Zinc is vital to our overall health, but is it possible to take too much? Find out everything you need to know about healthy zinc intake.
Understanding amino acid chelated minerals

Understanding amino acid chelated minerals

Though minerals are essential for health, our body cannot absorb it easily. Learn about chelated minerals and their amino acid sidekicks!